Fred Devito

Fred-headshotFred DeVito is a fitness expert, author, and speaker/spokesman on topics related to fitness, nutrition, the mind-body connection, wellness and balance in life.
  • A Member of the Founding Team of Exhale Spa, an urban spa oasis merging mind and body, along with his wife and partner, Elisabeth Halfpapp, he is co-creator of the successful Core Fusion programs
  • For 20 years prior to exhale, he and Lis developed a following for their classes in the acclaimed, Lotte Berk Method
A member of exhale’s founding team and executive vice president of mind body training, he co founded the company’s highly publicized Core Fusion® program and developed exhale’s proprietary Core Fusion Sport and Core Fusion Cardio classes. In addition to leading retreats and workshops nationally, he teaches Core Fusion, Core Fusion Yoga, Core Fusion Sport and Core Fusion Cardio classes and directs all of the teacher training for these classes at the exhale locations across the country.
A regular featured fitness celebrity and expert on T.V., he also has written for numerous journals, magazines and other publications. Prior to joining exhale, Fred’s professional career consisted of a combined 32 years of teaching fitness from public school physical education teacher and coach to personal trainer and group class teacher. 22 years as lead teacher and trainer at the Lotte Berk Method in NYC. Fred hold’s a B.S. in Physical Education and Health as well as an ACE Personal Trainer Certification. Fred’s personal interests have enabled him to help create and oversee exhale’s signature thai massage therapy, Body Enlightening as well as the non for profit charity, exhalesoul.

Along with his wife and partner, Elisabeth they have created a 225 hour teacher training certification program for exhale world-wide.


Pilates Plus
  • “Best Pilates DVD 2009” – Health Magazine
  • “5 DVD’s we love…effective, easy to follow, and fun” – Prevention Magazine
  • Voted Best Gearless Award – “Beginners and veterans alike loved the streamlined workouts.” –
  • Real Simple Magazine
  • 10 Best Fitness DVD’s list – “It kept me engaged because I was able to change up the routine
  • often, or, if I only had a few minutes available, I could still squeeze in a workout with just one of
  • the programs.” – WomansDay.com
Thighs + Glutes
  • “DVD of the month” – Shape Magazine
  • Voted Best Targeted Toner Award – “Tone your tush and trim inches off your thighs with this fusion workout derived from exhale’s popular Core Fusion class that will make you sweat – and possibly wince in pain.” – PilatesStyle
Body Sculpt
  • “Delivers results in a short period of time” – LA Times
  • While this isn’t just an abs DVD, it does include the most intense 10pminute core workout you’ll probably ever get. – Brides Magazine
Abs + Arms
  • Voted one of the top new workout DVD’s by Fitness Magazine – Best Belly Blaster – “Each workout was long enough so that my arms and abs were fatigued by the end, but quick enough so that I could still enjoy the session. Six-pack, here I come!” – Fitness Magazine
  • MORE.com – The Best Workout DVD’s – “If you want an effective toning routine but hate working up a sweat, then Core Fusion is for you. Bonus: If you take a close look at DeVito, you can imagine what your husband would look like if he’d been exercising consistently for the last 20 years.”
Lean + Toned
  • “All I have to say is, get ready to get lean and toned!” – Glamour.com
  • “I’d definitely recommend this one for a good spring workout to get your body swimsuit ready.” – Glamour.com
  • Anybody who enjoys yoga, Pilates, ballet or any program that merges stretching with strength training will find this DVD to be a good fit, particularly if they like to be pushed and challenged. – AOL
  • This energizing workout DVD takes you through a series of exercises that are fun to follow, yet get results…you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how fast the time goes. – Associated Content


  • Available for Talks, Seminars and Workshops on Fitness Tips and Moves, teacher trainings, Executive Retreats
  • A Path to Wellness and Transformation
  • Mind the Body–Communicating From The Core™ (a workshop In collaboration with SPEECH FITNESS®)
  • Living From Your Core-a 12 step Journey to Mind-Body Wellbeing
  • Mindful Living, Mindful Spirit
  • The Cardio Myth
  • Move Your Energy!
  • How to Stay Fit While Traveling
  • Over-Exercising and its Effects on the Body
  • Motivate YourSELF to New Levels of Wellness
  • 6 Concepts Essential to Teaching Fitness Classes