Eileen Winnick

Senior Associate and Account Executive (Download PDF)


Eileen WinnickEileen Winnick is a communications expert and works as a corporate communications, sales and media consultant for corporations, authors, celebrities and individuals across a wide array of industries. She helps them elevate their communication skills to reach their greatest effectiveness, individual style, public presence and personal persuasiveness. Her customized trainings teach corporations, government, small businesses, and individuals how to structure and position themselves in presentations, television or radio interviews and public appearances that leave lasting impressions.


In today’s competitive and information- hungry environment, C- level executives and senior thought leaders understand that dynamic and persuasive communications skills are vital to an executive’s career and to his/her organization’s image. Sounding and looking confident and compelling is a necessity and she has worked closely with management teams at Merrill Lynch, The Bank of America, Tweedy Browne, LLC, Green- light Capital, AT&T, Proctor & Gamble, Astra Zeneca, Young + Rubicam, Novartis, Berlez /Schering, Medco, Paramount, Zimmer and KPMG.


Corporate leaders turn to Eileen to develop winning media interviews in traditional media (taped, live, in-studio, satellite remote) and social media (news releases, blogs, podcasting, and viral marketing) In addition to training corporate leaders, she coaches Nobel Prize winners, Olympic athletes, political candidates, Editors- in- Chief, celebrities and best-selling authors. Her clients appear on OPRAH, The Today Show, Meet the Press, Larry King, Nightline, The View, The Daily Show, Good Morning America, Charlie Rose, C-Span, Bloomberg, FOX News, MSNBC, CNN, HSN, and QVC.


Eileen has worked as a Senior Associate/ Account Executive for Mary Mayotte + Associates for the past 7 years. As a former television spokeswoman/host for Channel 13’s Public Television and 15 years as a communications expert, Eileen understands and provides the tools to meet the demands of delivering any high stakes presentation in the media or the boardroom.
Areas of Expertise: Leadership and Teambuilding, Speechwriting