Gen X-Y-Z Communication Coaching and Mentoring Program

Calling Generations X, Y and Z! We want you for a communication bootcamp!

Are your communication skills helping or hindering your CAREER ADVANCEMENT?

Do you understand the PERCEPTIONS peers and colleagues have of you?

Are you getting the desired RESULTS?

Cost is $1895 per person for 6 months of training — *maximum 6 people per trainer (includes a year of support by phone and e-mail)

*Additional one-on-one consultation available for $250 if paid at time of registration

*6-month and one-year Personal Training programs also available

Phone: 303-321-8935


Here’s the question:
From being admitted to college or grad school to finally landing that first job, you’re in a crowded field. So how do you stand out among thousands of other smart, capable peers in our fast-paced, high-tech, make-or-break business world?


We have the answer.
It’s learning how to communicate more effectively on every level. It’s all about being able to CONNECT with people, come across AUTHENTICALLY, building CONFIDENCE, establishing TRUST and building RELATIONSHIPS.


Join the SPEECH FITNESS® experts with over 15 years of experience in the “trenches” with corporate executives for a boot camp program that guarantees results for young professionals and near-professionals.


WHO will benefit from these programs?
  • Gen X: Those in the workforce looking to improve career trajectory or find a new job (20-somethings to early 30s)
  • Gen Y: College age up to early 20s
  • Gen Z: Ages 16-19 (teen/high school level/college and summer job prep class)
We limit the # of participants in each course to make sure you get the personal attention you need.
We offer optional 1-1 sessions and private “Personal Training”programs for more individual focus to drill down further on your specific goals.And, if your school or organization would prefer a “live” Workshop, Seminar or Presentation, that can be arranged.


WHAT does each program entail?
  • 1 Orientation Session in late October/early November depending upon course level
  • 6 online sessions (1x per month) hosted on Go-To-Training, using video to address the specific needs of peers in each generation, January-June 2017
(*note: Gen Z program will be only 3 online sessions, January-March)


How is this different from school counseling?
Mary comes from the world of business and brings the same proven tools and techniques to these young people, making them easily understandable and lots of fun at the same time. She offers her availability as her “value-add”  for 3-6 months post-training to ensure each participant’s learning process is evolving toward stated goals and objectives.


Here is just a sample of what you will learn:
  • Create strong, clear messages that sell YOU and your ideas in your own unique style using our proprietary Speech Fitness WordMap© technique (none of your competitors will have this tool!)
  • Understand your unique and authentic PRESENCE. Use your voice/articulation and body to support your communication and be remembered.                                                      
  • Perceptions DO matter
  • Flex-ability is key! Learn to think on your feet.
  • Find your FOCUS!
  • Get those listening, social and team skills‘on target’.
  • Handle your “fear-factor”/ performance anxiety
  • Learn the rules of engagement, understand expectations of you from employers and other generations with whom you interact and the SECRETS of how to impress with your creative ideas and passion, though younger and less experienced.
  • Discover your best “self-marketing” statement.
  • Look at CONNECTING and NETWORKING with all ages more comfortably, whether starting at a new school or job or your boss is asking you to develop a better “social sense of business”.
  • Get help with your resume and interview skills, whether you are applying for that spot at your first choice college or your next career position.  Role-play those interviews.
  • Understand how to be in the “hot seat” and handle tough questions successfully.
  • Learn about different communication styles and the language of diplomacy and persuasion.
Complete the Mission:
  • Present your ideas – 4 opportunities to work on-camera and build skills throughout the course.
  • Access your own recordings to self-evaluate and use as a benchmark toward further growth. Observe playback and hear constructive feedback from your coach.
  • Goal Setting and Next-Steps in final session.

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