Coach Certification


Speech Fitness Coach Certification

Head Coach, Mary Mayotte, offers a Coach Certification program that covers valuable Speech Fitness® methods and best practices. The program, offered twice a year, is designed specifically for PR and MarCom professionals. The small-group environment enhances learning by providing an opportunity to share experiences and successes with other professionals. Our Coach Certification program includes one year of individual mentoring.

We also offer custom coach certification programs under Speech Fitness® to certify coaches, trainers and consultants. After the initial on-site instruction, Mary Mayotte co-trains with individual trainees until they are ready to take their inaugural solo flight.

Train the Trainer (T-3)

Other training organizations as well as individuals often call upon us to teach them more effective methods of training, coaching and facilitating. As with all of our programs, we share techniques and insights that we have developed and explore with trainers how best to make them their own.

Certification and T-3 candidates must meet certain qualifications.
Contact Mary directly for more information and upcoming programs:
mary@speechfitness.com or 303-321-8935