Speech Fitness® Programs

Speech Fitness® is an approach to communication that teaches leaders to:

  • Identify YOUR PERSONAL BEST – What are your key differentiators?
  • Position yourself
  • Choose the most convincing evidence
  • Bring the subject alive through passionate employment of an integrated mind, body and soul
  • Master the difference between “data dump” versus offering true benefits to the listener

Our programs use sports and music for analogy and frame of reference, to keep training relevant, motivational—and fun.

All of our programs are custom-designed to be highly interactive, practical, and targeted specifically to your needs. We have upgraded and refined them over more than 20 years through our worldwide learning.

We cover the following important areas in all Speech Fitness® programs:

  • Your personal “brand” and your key differentiators
  • Mind-Body integration: developing your “presence”
  • Posture/relaxation and stretching
  • Voice: the breath, resonance and vibration
  • Toning
  • Memory/concentration/practice
  • Clear and concise messaging
  • Fl-e-x-ability – Thinking on your feet
  • Soulful commYOUnication
  • Creativity
  • Mindfulness/being “in the moment”
  • Motivation: involvement/using impulse and intuition
  • Creative visualization
  • Positive goal setting and self-talk
  • Perception management/image
  • Active listening