Speech Fitness®, a Mary Mayotte Company, helps presenters of every kind find their unique presence in front of others, focusing on the “instrument” within each of us that can be flexed and toned for maximum creativity, readiness and impact.

We work with corporate leaders, politicians, authors, celebrities, and individuals, to loosen the mind, unlock the unique, and prepare to be confident, professional, and effective communicators. Such an elevated level of performance is key to both a strong presentation and a successful career.

Our range of support is broad, encompassing media training, coaching, keynotes, career development, corporate retreats and meetings, negotiation skills, and customized communications programs—with the common thread of targeting each person’s specific needs and goals.

  • Deliver your messages in ‘sound bites’
  • Be proactive in a crisis
  • Have solid technique for any communication situation
  • Manage your stage-fright
  • Feel more confident

Speech Fitness®

A Mary Mayotte Company
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