Retreat Descriptor

The Speech Fitness® Institute (SFI) is a 3-4 day corporate retreat focusing on leadership, teambuilding and executive communication skills. Each day there will be a variety of activities scheduled. The range of scheduled activities is broad, but there is one common thread — they are all designed to loosen the mind, unlock each person’s individuality and work toward becoming a more mindful, effective, prepared and confident personal and professional communicator.


The benefits of such an elevated level of performance are countless, particularly in a corporate environment where trust, leadership and accountability are constantly called into question. Traditional business savvy is not enough anymore. Corporate leaders need to connect (internally and externally). They need to trust their own instincts. The holistic SFI experience puts them back in touch with those instincts.


There are a maximum of 6 participants per trainer to ensure that each individual is able to work directly with coaches to vastly improve his/her leadership and communication skills.


For more information about The Speech Fitness® Institute, please contact our office Toll-Free at 877-321-8935.
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