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It is essential to come to an interview with your own agenda-the necessity for strong and consistent messages which we, in our experience, will help you to craft-- messages to be used in all media interactions, as well as throughout your organization’s communication outreach. This, coupled with a review of solid technique to help you to think smart ‘in the moment’ and on-camera practice with a coach who offers an understanding of your industry, as well as personal experience in front of the camera—we know what it takes to deliver--ensures that our clients are well-prepared, comfortable, f-l-e-x-able and effective come ‘show time”.

Media Management has been designed and is taught by top journalists in the business, and like all MM+A programs is based on delivering proactive, persuasive, convincing messages in one’s own unique style. We believe learning to meet the press is a learned “process”. Our coaches continue to offer support through that process in order to ensure its continuing evolution.

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Client Testimonials

“The speech went very well. I joked to lighten the mood and get the audience interested, and then did pretty well in using your wonderful tips. I think that this was probably one of the best, if not the best, speech I ever gave. And it carried on! I then flew to Italy to give two speeches at a technical conference. They liked me so much they asked me to do a third panel.”

– J. Strassner, Chief Strategy Officer, Intelliden Corporation