Presentation Training

Keynotes / Motivational Speaking / Presentations

How many times has a powerful keynote address really set the tone for an event, positively or negatively? It is a testament to the power of the keynote that companies often bring in charismatic, memorable speakers to kick things off. The best keynote speakers connect immediately with their audience, and employ targeted real-world experience, genuine empathy and humor in delivering their message.

Our talented consultants have extensive experience both in facilitating and delivering keynotes to audiences from a wide variety of industries and inspiring unforgettable performances from our clients. Some popular associate keynotes include “Fitness and Footwork,” “Flex-ability,” “Power and Charisma for Executives,” “Get Moving!” (Motivation), “High Performance Selling,” “Self-Marketing” (Networking), “The Passionate Speaker,” and “The Speakers Circle,” “Leadership in Turbulent Times,” and “Shift Happens.” “Experts Network”

Giving a keynote or presentation yourself? We’ll boost your power and presence with every kind of support you need, from writing your message through final rehearsal and any or everything in between.  “Passion, Power & Presence”

IPO Roadshows, Mergers / Acquisitions, Startups + Turnarounds / Divestitures

Selling a company or idea is a people proposition. It’s not only about information, but inspiring the best performance that each individual can deliver. We draw out those individual performances and help put them together as pieces of a single, seamless, unforgettable presentation. Whether your team is preparing for an IPO or going through a merger or acquisition, our consultants can hone the brawny sales, presentation and performance skills necessary to close deals and “take the show on the road.”

We are also brought in to help companies in various stages of transition overcome the challenges of change. The people component is everything during major transition, from high growth to integration. Well-timed, straightforward and focused communication programs help you maintain your unique culture while increasing productivity, retention and employee satisfaction. We’ll help you demonstrate how much you value your people, which will, in turn, help to maintain the value of your company as your circumstances evolve.

Medical Education

Medical education is an area where we’ve developed particular expertise over a number of years. We support meeting planners of major medical and pharmaceutical companies in developing and presenting industry leading programs, train and coach sales and marketing teams, assist doctors and researchers with presentations, and serve as a knowledgeable and experienced resource for all forms of medical education communication.

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