“Mary Mayotte is simply the best. Look no further.”

— Charla Krupp, Author “How Not To Look Old”;
Former Executive Editor SHOP Etc. InStyle Magazine, Glamour;
Contributing Editor/Today Show regularcharlakrupp

“The training that I received under your direction is definitely one of the highlights of this past year!”

— D. Zapotocky Rizzi, Rizco; Formerly with Porter Novelli, Public Relations

“More praise for Mary. Bravo!”

— M. Szynal, Communications Manager, Gillette

“I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your help and input at our Presentation Seminar last week. You really have a gift for this stuff, and for teaching.”

— F. Levitt, Lyons Lavey Nickel Swift, Inc.

“I’ve always wanted to tell you, Mary, that your coaching sessions have made such a big difference to me — both in the way I present and feel about doing it.”

— S. McCarthy, BBDO Toronto

“I feel like it is my presentation now. The two sessions were real confidence builders for me. Great!”

— J. Sterken, Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder, Arbortext

“The speech went very well. I joked to lighten the mood and get the audience interested, and then did pretty well in using your wonderful tips. I did know several people in the audience, and used them to leverage getting the audience involved. I think that this was probably one of the best, if not the best, speech I ever gave. And it carried on! I then flew to Italy to give two speeches at a technical conference. They liked me so much they asked me to do a third panel.”

— J. Strassner, Chief Strategy Officer, Intelliden Corporation

“Thank you so much for getting me in shape for the Today Show segment. Your company, Speech Fitness® is aptly named. Your coaching is so on point and so user-friendly. You make everybody around you feel like a champ. You are truly a blessing and I’m just glad to have you in my corner.”

— Ylonda Gault-Caviness, Parenting Editor, Essence Magazine

“Hermes and I GREATLY appreciate your help yesterday. The seminar was perfect — you got us inspired and gave us hope that we won’t botch it.”

— C. Maloney, Co-Founder, The M Group

“What a great Senior Management Course that we completed in December! Thank you for your invaluable participation and contribution to the course by facilitating the Communications module. It goes without saying that this second SMC has continued a fine trend of outstanding training and orientation to a new future for CARE.”

— P. Reynolds, Events Logistics Manager, CARE

“We wanted to thank you for the time you spent working with our analysts last Wednesday. We received numerous compliments on Chris’ presentation, which was by far the best he’s ever done. He was virtually transformed, poised and relaxed, and as a result, quite effective.”

— A. Avanian, Former Associate Director of Research, Cowen and Company, LLC

“It was such a pleasure to work with you. I learned so much from your presentation and thank you for the important contribution you made to our success yesterday.”

— A. Skretta, Vice President Professional Relations, ProCom International

“Thank you for your great presentation! Few things in life are life-changing events — I believe you made a difference in mine.”

— F. Suarez, Spokesperson, Dr. Scholls

“I learned so much as we packed in the session with my pending presentations.  You were fabulous, a true teacher, and I feel more confident than ever of my ability to be successful as a public speaker.”

— L. Sackler, Vice President, Wealth Management Advisor, Merrill Lynch

“The meeting went well and the speeches were great.  Thanks for all of your help.”

—  S. Binder, Senior Vice President, Publisher, Golf Digest

“It was wonderful to meet you and get the opportunity to work with you. Thank you for your comments, suggestions and recommendations! I will work hard to perfect the technique and will strive to be a good pupil! Much success!”

—  H. Torok, M.D.

“I have worked with Mary Mayotte Communications, inc for over a decade on numerous challenging assignments. No personal services firm, in my experience, comes close to their quality, character, expertise and overall professionalism. Anyone who knows Mary would expect nothing less from her firm.”

— A. Martin, World Food Programme

“Not only has Mary taught some of our most expert presenters, but she has also helped along some pretty tough cases. Mary knows how to bring out the essence of a person by seeing their strength of conviction. Her work is genuine, thoughtful and results-driven.”

— D. LeGrand-Hart, CEO, LeGrand Hart

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mary Mayotte and Speech Fitness now for years and she is one of the best in the business. “

— J. Humphrey, Gourmet Magazine