John Burnett

Crisis Management, Marketing, Branding (Download PDF)
John BurnettProfessor John Burnett is a veteran educator, best-selling author and innovative theorist and consultant on management, marketing and communications. His illustrious and eclectic career has included nearly 40 years as a college professor of marketing as well as working in advertising with the Leo Burnett Agency (his grandfather and Leo were cousins).


As a result of his early experience in advertising, he wrote his first two books, Promotion Management, followed by Advertising: Principles and Practices which is in its eighth edition and a world-wide best seller. John has also written thirteen more books across a variety of topics, including principles of marketing, crisis management, marketing communications, and marketing for nonprofits.  His 60+ articles in both academic and trade journals have considered various topics over time, but most recently he has researched the areas of nonprofit marketing, strategic branding, and marketing to the homosexual market segment.


John later added consulting and executive training to his resume, first as a result of his alliance with AT&T, teaching in their executive training program; courses included marketing communications, strategic branding, and services marketing. He also was hired to work as an outside strategic planner by AT&T to partner with several ad agencies holding contracts with them. In addition, John did training and consulting for IBM, Johnson & Johnson, the Dallas Mart, Fiserve, the Hawaiian Tourist Bureau, Lubbock General Hospital, Scott & White Clinics, Miller Brewing,and several other smaller organizations.


Later, as part of the recovery process from a personal crisis within the Burnett family, John became interested in applying what he learned about surviving personal crisis to crisis management in business. Consequently, he began writing a business book that outlined a proactive process for identifying, mitigating, and resolving business crises entitled Managing Business Crises- from Anticipation to Implementation. In turn, he created a seminar on how businesses can implement this proactive crisis management process, which has been presented to organizations such as Colorado Mental Health, LeGrand Hart Public Relations,and Coors.  During this same period, John also realized the need for nonprofit organizations to learn more about strategic marketing. Another book emerged, Nonprofit Marketing Best Practices, published in 2007. In turn, he has developed an additional workshop on Marketing for Nonprofits, which he has since taught all over the world


Today, Dr. Burnett offers both seminars to interested businesses, both large and small, that have an appreciation for strategic thinking. John is married to Nancy, a psychotherapist, and has three adult children. He received a BS in Marketing from Southern Illinois University, as well as an MS in Economics. His doctorate is from the University of Kentucky. John is currently on the faculty at the University of Denver.


Areas of Expertise: Crisis Management, Marketing, Branding