Information for Experts

We realize that many of you are experts in your areas of specialization and many of you have had experience as a speaker or spokesperson. You will be required to be “vetted” by Mary Mayotte, Head Coach of SPEECH FITNESS, an expert in marketing and high level communications.

When we market experts to our clients, we are asked for specific materials and they are required prior to a client selecting the expert. We are happy to consider your speaking services for our clients, but the following information IS REQUIRED IN ITS ENTIRETY, FULLY EDITED, IN ORDER TO BE CONSIDERED:

A one-two page biography (a condensed curriculum vitae or resume can also be submitted, but cannot replace the biography)

A Current Photograph (headshot or ¾ preferred)

A description of presentations with titles/topics of a specific nature relative to your areas of expertise. A short synopsis of each program is to be included

Any collateral material, i.e. major articles written by or about you, book(s) you have authored, or audio/video tape series (please provide fully edited and in electronic format).

The number of speeches or appearances you have given in the past 12 months and testimonial letter from three of those clients

A full length videotape of you speaking to a live audience-we cannot convert nor edit these for you

Any Media interviews or Media links which are appropriate

A fee schedule and travel requirements-your location and contact information

A list of bureaus and agents who currently represent your services

Note: Due to the high volume of materials we receive, we will not be able to return materials or acknowledge receipt of materials. Should we find your services of interest, we will contact you. Please do not telephone our office about materials. Kindly submit the above information, in its entirety, to the address below.

Thank you for your interest in the SPEECH FITNESS EXPERTS NETWORK®