Communication Bootcamp is Coming!

Calling all Gen Y "Millennials", Young Professionals and Job-seekers... WE WANT YOU!

"I just wanted to say how much
I appreciated your help and input at our Presentation Seminar last week. You really have a gift for this stuff, and for teaching."
F. Levitt,
Lyons Lavey Nickel Swift, Inc.


Speech Fitness®

Designed as a metaphor for (SPEECH) = THE MESSAGE + (FITNESS) = THE PERFORMANCE
the two imperatives in any form of communication

Speech Fitness® is an approach to Communication which teaches leaders to:

  • identify YOUR PERSONAL BEST — What are your key differentiators?
  • position yourSELF;
  • choose the most convincing evidence; 
  • bring the subject alive through passionate employment of an integrated mind, body, and soul, and
  • master the difference between “data dump” versus offering true benefits to the listener.

Our programs use sports and music for analogy and frame of reference, to keep training relevant, motivational—and fun.  

All of our programs are custom-designed to be highly interactive, practical, and targeted specifically to your needs. We have upgraded and refined them over more than 20 years through our worldwide learning.