Diversity – A Strategic Advantage for Business Crossing Borders

Facilitator: Joe Colosimo


A one day program focused on demonstrating the importance for each individual within an organization to bring their unique value and distinctiveness toward an overall “win” by utilizing and blending the talents of all “human resources.” The program begins with the assumption that your business is to sell to a wide range of people in different places and provides a map illustrating how to integrate and engage all employees to reach the “boundaries” of your markets. By the end of the day of training, attendees will realize their own fundamental value and need to contribute and integrate these “individualizing” attributes (i.e. age, gender, nationality, etc.) toward the holistic good of the company.


Our goal is to help individuals fully understand the challenges and advantages of making “diversity” an effective strategy and how each person can manage their uniqueness to win in a “cross-cultural” competition for those essential customers. The program merges talent assessment and teambuilding in order to take the collective strengths to a whole new level of collaboration. It advances the concept that all of your human resources must be engaged in order to have an effective workplace and therefore to win competitive market share in the industry.