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#1 REQUIREMENT: YOU NEED A “DEMO-TAPE” which will differentiate YOU



Eileen Winnick
YOU: The Media Whiz!

Hello, I’m Eileen Winnick, a colleague of Mary’s. And after years as a communications consultant working with SPEECH FITNESS®, I’ve come up with an exciting product that I promise will change the way potential clients and visitors respond to you when they view you on the EXPERTS NETWORK or on the web.

With my first-rate videographer, Mark Holleran, we create and direct dynamic, multi-purpose videos for you that introduce you to prospective speaker opportunities/buyers; invite visitors to your website; enhance your viability as a media resource — and offer you as a vibrant presence on important social media platforms.

We know our plan works. A study conducted by the On-line Publishers Association revealed that 52 percent of web visitors took action after viewing a video on a site, as compared to merely reading text or viewing static graphics.

A well-designed three-to-8-minute video does an enormous amount—far more than words alone — to personally introduce you to prospective clients, to highlight your expertise, to reveal your professional credibility, and to celebrate the unique “intangibles” of you/r product. This dramatic video will not only separate you from the competition, but drives enthusiastic traffic to your page or site.

The package I offer includes all content, including the all-important on-camera coaching (in which you will learn to shine!) along with the edited video. Our unique expertise in on-camera instruction, content creation, directing, filming and editing (like, for instance, adding existing stills, videos and speeches that also promote you) are part of the fee.

Once we have YOU: The Media Whiz! edited to our mutual liking, it can be used to create an on-line video presence.

We begin with an interview with you. A brief self-introduction which gives the viewer a sense of your authentic personality. Next, I as interviewer or audience, may be included for the filming, but edited out of the final film. But even before that, we will spend time collaborating with you to organize, what precisely, you want to say—and how best to make YOU: The Media Whiz! Truly a standout.

There is no better way I know to showcase you, and to let a client get to know you personally than by presenting them with this beautifully filmed, tastefully imagined, state-of-the art YOU: The Media Whiz!

All-inclusive Video Package Special for “EXPERTS NETWORK” members only: $1750.00 (Reduced from $2500)

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