Communication Across Corporate Borders©

This workshop focuses on communication, negotiation and diplomacy skills in professional situations where there may be adversarial barriers, and where you want to establish your company position or your point of view.

The program’s focus is accelerated, interactive learning that allows participants to experience firsthand, the skills they need for improved communication, while also giving them an opportunity to take ownership of what works, what needs work and what’s missing. The interactive video taped exercises used in this program have been designed to be executed sequentially with each exercise having a specific skill challenge that is a building block to the next exercise.

The content concentrates on:

  • Refining and refocusing communication goals
  • Creating a positive perception of yourself and your organization through effective conversation
  • Improving listening skills to gather valuable and necessary information
  • Creating Fostering a climate for participation
  • Developing “win-win” conversation skills to dispel opposition


The “art of diplomacy” plays a pivotal role in these sessions to assist in creating a positive perception of yourself and your message. Content includes specialized techniques to:

  • Take the risk to put your point of view on the table
  • Exhibit leadership practice keeping cool under fire
  • Validate a point of view without repeating or necessarily agreeing with what has been said
  • Understand misconstrued motives (bias, attitude, history)
  • Build a bridge to opportunity
  • Be a gracious representative of your organization