Short Bio

MMbioMary Mayotte is an accomplished educator–Media and Speaker Trainer, thought leader, communications professional and marketer with extensive experience driving growth and change for organizations and individuals.  She is considered a “Master Coach” after more than 25 years in the field. Mary has a body of programs and intellectual property with proven workability across organizations and personalities, designed and developed over 15+ years. She enjoys leading large training initiatives with teams of trainers for events and meetings, and is a trusted executive adviser in all areas of communications.

Specializing in executive communications coaching with a media training specialty, Mary devotes much of her time to strategic planning and implementation of training and human potential programs. She serves as interim director of these efforts for start-ups and organizations in transition.

Specialties: Media Training and Consulting, Speaker Training, Executive Coaching and Communications, Negotiation, Client Service, Change Management, Product Development, Strategic Design, Facilitator, Presentation Adviser, Branding, Organizational Development, New Business Development, Relationship Management, Career Development and Innovation.

Long Bio

Mary Mayotte, renowned communications coach, combines her unique array of experience in business, media and performance to help others find their unique voices, in order to succeed.

Her marketing background and expertise in “performance” enable Mary to help her clients find a more dynamic public presence and appeal. Executives, athletes, celebrities, authors and editors—experts of all kinds– turn to Mary for her help with everything from streamlining mergers and acquisitions and taking companies public, to television appearances and delivering keynote addresses.

She is tackling a book this year, entitled “Communicating on the Fast Track” about the generational and social (media) challenges we are all facing when communicating our message in a high-tech, fast-paced world.

Mary has held Marketing Communications and Public Relations positions in the financial, cosmetics and airlines/travel industries and guest-lectures in the business schools of a number of colleges and universities. She spent 6 years early in her training career with The Newman Group, before going out on her own.

With over 25 years experience as a television personality/reporter, media spokesperson and vocalist, Mary has appeared in consumer news programming; hundreds of TV and radio commercials (over 300), industrials, print ads through the Wilhelmina and Ford Modeling agencies, primetime/daytime TV, and stage. You might remember Mary as the voice who made famous the lines, “Gee – no, GTE!” and “Now, that’s a complete toothpaste!”

Going way back in her TV career, she had the distinction of working with both halves of the original “Odd Couple”—Tony Randall for Easy Off Oven Cleaner and Jack Klugman for Canon Copiers.

These and other varied experiences place Mary in a uniquely qualified position to help spark the imagination, creative spontaneity and undiscovered charisma of her clients, while incorporating her considerable business savvy, strategic insight and financial expertise.

Since founding Mary Mayotte Communications, inc, Mary has developed an Executive Coaching program, built from her extensive experience in marketing and finance. This program is designed to aid executives not only in corporate communications strategies and keeping their organizations aligned through growth and change, but in developing leadership skills, setting and attaining goals, and building confidence and assertiveness. For more than 15 years, Mary has customized these programs to meet her clients’ individual needs; including such aspects as preparation for Board, Analyst and Annual Shareholders Meetings, Crisis Communications and Media Training.

Mary is currently developing a Communications program for NYU. And an Executive Media Program for the Business School at the University of Denver. She has been appointed to the Faculty of Merrill Lynch’s Speakers’ Bureau where she teaches along with Wharton Business School Professors. With a team from the Executive Persuasion Group, Mary has taught Omnicom’s Graduate Programs in Advanced Management. She has also enjoyed facilitating Partner programs for KPMG several times a year in Customer Relations and Conflict Resolution.

She has coached analysts at such companies as SG Cowen Securities Corporation, Solomon Smith Barney, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter and Leerink Swann. She has worked with Healthcare and Bioscience giants, to include Glaxo Smith Kline, Novartis, Bristol Myers Squibb–and Guidant, throughout their re-organization and acquisition process (from Johnson & Johnson –finally to Boston Scientific/Abbott). Biogen, Amgen etc.

In addition to her programs for executives, Mary has developed a series of groundbreaking Speech Fitness? “Boot Camps”- personal training designed to address the needs of all professionals — from executives to athletes — to deliver “presentations” in some form. Whether presenting your skills, ideas, products, or yourself, to a national audience, your sales staff or the board room, there is a Speech Fitness? program which she has designed to help each presenter find his or her unique presence, focusing on the “instrument” in each of us that can be flexed and toned for maximum creativity, readiness, and impact.

Her newest offerings are designed to assist young professionals and emerging leaders to market themselves and communicate within the particular challenges facing these “gen-x/y-ers-millennials” in today’s job market.

The success of these programs led Mary to realize one of her long-held dreams, when in 2003, she launched the Speech Fitness? Institute — a Rocky Mountains-based Corporate Retreat. Built around her innovative Speech Fitness? programs with a mind-body-spirit approach, the Institute is a place where participants “camp out” at breathtaking venues such as Cordillera near Vail and The Wild Horse Inn (Winter Park), with some of the country’s most renowned communications experts, and together, participate in a one-of-a-kind, custom-tailored three to four day “think-tank” designed to loosen the mind and unlock each participant’s individuality to become more mindful, effective, prepared and confident personal and professional leaders and communicators.

Working in association with the Vail Leadership Institute and The Speech Fitness Institute’s consulting team, SFI-C), MM+A can offer a high-level of unique and expert counsel, executive to executive, in areas such as Organizational Alignment-Assessment and Development, Corporate Governance, Sarbannes Oxley Compliance issues, Ethics, Crisis Management, specialized emerging leader programs and so on.

Mary continues to expand her programs, collaborating with a diverse group of 25 specialists, based around the country, to coach clients in all aspects of communications — from Leadership, Teambuilding, Organizational Development, Image, Conflict Resolution and Negotiation, Diversity Awareness to name a few areas of her group’s expertise.

Mary’s extensive client list represents many diverse organizations and individuals. She has coached a wide range of business clients, from MCI leading up to their merger with WorldCom; to “dot-coms” like Doubleclick and WinStar New Media; to BBDO Worldwide in their efforts to retain their largest client, Chrysler and work on Omnicom pitches to acquire new business. She is currently working with the Services Marketing Team to integrate within the Sun-Oracle acquisition.

She frequently assists authors, athletes—NCAA , the US SKI TEAM, most recently Julia Mancuso, US Olympic Tri-athlete and Equestrian Teams, Gabrielle Reese, and 2008 Olympian Dara Torres), spokesmodels, celebrities (from Kim Raver (Lipstick Jungle and Grey’s Anatomy) to Kate Goslin (John and Kate+8), to Faith Hill; from Richard Simmons to Don Rickles!), and TV anchors on local and Network stations (for appearances on such shows as Fast Money, Crossfire and Larry King Live). MTV has hired Mary to work with the 4 talented young guys from The Buried Life for their media appearances; Major publishing houses like Conde Nast and Time Inc. have relied on her for 15 years to prepare magazine leadership and editors for regular segments on The Today Show, Late Night with Dave Letterman, Oprah Winfrey, E!, and CNBC, to name a few.

Mary led her media team on a nearly two year mission to help “re-image” HSN /Show Hosts and guests, under Jen Cotter and Mindy Grossman, bringing them into the 21st Century leading up to the celebration of their 30th “Birthday”.

Mary has coached several Presidential/VP and First Lady Candidates and has had the pleasure of working with the Host Committee for the opening Media event at the 2008 Democratic National Convention with in Denver with colleagues from Linhart Public Relations. Additionally she counsels a number of State and Local New York politicians.

Trained as a vocalist, Mary has appeared with the Julliard Chorale, the Oratorio Society of New York at Carnegie Hall, and the high-point–singing with Harry Connick, Jr. at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting.

Mary is a Board Member of ARC Thrift Stores in Denver. Formerly on the Board of the WPA Theatre and the National Corporate Theatre Fund in NYC, Mary is also affiliated with Vail Leadership Consultants (VLC), the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), Women in Communications (WICI), Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), Screen Actors Guild (SAG), Actors Equity(AEA), the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA), The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, the Cherry Creek Chamber, The University of Denver, Association for Corporate Growth (ACG), American Women in Enterprise (AWE), American Women’s Economic Development Association (AWED), National Association of Female Executives (NAFE) and Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW).

A graduate of the University of Denver with a B.A. in Political Science and Language, she is currently finishing her M.A. in Counseling/Music Therapy with a concentration in Voice.

Originally from Whitefish Bay, WI (Milwaukee), Mary splits her time between New York City and Denver. She enjoys hiking and biking when she is not on the road and loves gardening and animals, especially her beloved kitty, “Princess” Pinkie, who assists her at her computer while editing